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We take our responsibility to our community and our environment very seriously. Since our founding, Commonwealth has endeavored to share whatever amount of good fortune we've had with those less fortunate. Over the years, we have supported a wide variety of worthy causes such as The Wounded Warrior Project, Big Brothers Big Sisters, American Heart Association, Dana Farber Cancer Center, Toys for Tots, Mass. Audubon Society, The Joey Fund for Cystic Fibrosis, The Salvation Army, Mass. Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA), Children's Hospital Fund and Brigham & Women's Hospital Heart and Vascular Center Junior Faculty Awards.

Our Operations Manager and National Affiliate Director, Tami Saccoccio Rutter, was honored with the National Limousine Association/LCT Magazine Carla Boroday Humanitarian Award for her leadership in many philanthropic activities, both inside and outside of the industry. (Carla Boroday was a highly respected member of the limousine business, serving as president of the Florida Limousine Association and actively involved in a myriad of charitable activities.)

From the creation of hundreds of inner-city jobs, to support for the arts including our long standing commitment to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops, Commonwealth has made concrete contributions to local economies and their cultural foundations.  During our 20+ year commitment to the BSO, Commonwealth has donated more that 1.5 million dollars!


Commonwealth's commitment to the sustainability of the environment is another reflection of our company's pledge to corporate social responsibility.

Environmentally Friendly Fleet

Commonwealth is proud to offer environmentally friendly vehicles in Boston, New York and elsewhere throughout the US. The company has invested in the most fuel-efficient vehicles available, having been one of the first limousine operators to offer clients several alternative vehicles that balance comfort and support for the environment.

Green initiatives for the fleet provide greater efficiency. To monitor idling, Commonwealth generates a monthly report based on data collected by its GPS tracking system when available, which also enables us to take more efficient routes. Vehicle tires are also inflated with nitrogen in certain markets, which is lighter than oxygen mixture and more stable. The average fuel savings per vehicle is two miles per gallon, and the tire maintains consistent pressure for a longer period.

Office Environment Efficiency

Our office recycling program includes paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and laser toner cartridges. The company scans driver trip tickets, which allows paper to be recycled immediately instead of filed for seven years.

A new energy efficient lighting system was installed during the company's most recent office renovation. As a result, we use 25% fewer fluorescent tubes. Occupancy detectors were installed, turning lights off when a room is vacant. HVAC systems were also updated with all new, state of the art energy-efficient systems. We are also a member of the "Boston Buying Power" program, giving us access to one of many energy brokers that provide reduced gas and electricity rates through an auction process.

We also promote the use of email in place of fax for reservations, confirmations and receipts to reduce waste and endeavor to use recycled paper whenever possible.