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Luxury sedan used by Commonwealth Worldwide financial roadshow transportation.

Financial Roadshows

When it comes to financial roadshow transportation, no one is more trusted or more respected in the investment world than Commonwealth Worldwide. That’s because we understand the demanding and critical nature of the business. Our reputation as a leader in executive transportation for the financial sector allows us to maintain preferred status with many of the largest, most recognizable investment banks and investment firms on Wall Street and beyond.

To accommodate even the most intricate, multi-city itineraries, we maintain a dedicated Financial Road Show/Investment Tour Desk staffed by highly trained managers, agents and Executive Chauffeurs. Serving clients in New York City, Boston, and hundreds of other cities across more than 85 countries, Commonwealth Worldwide is a global leader in the world of corporate roadshow travel.

Here’s how we excel in providing Roadshow services:

Dedicated Road Show Desk: Our roadshow specialists are trained to execute rigorous, detailed, multi-city, full-day (sometimes multi-day) schedules. Our direct telephone line puts you in contact with us immediately, with your phone call answered by a live person, 24/7.

Experienced Professional Executive Chauffeurs: All Executive Chauffeurs in New York, Boston and throughout our network are highly experienced and able to accommodate the specific needs intrinsic to the financial sector. All Executive Chauffeurs are professionals driving impeccable, late model Sedans, SUVs and Vans, all equipped with the technology to facilitate on-the-fly route adjustments as necessary. We have an unmatched record in the industry due to our focus on customer service, safety, utilization of DRIVECAMs™, and safety programs in many markets, and strict adherence to all regulatory requirements and testing. We are proud to have been recognized on numerous occasions for exemplary safety records throughout our network.

Detailed Pre-Trip Information: The evening prior to your reservation, we provide you with your Executive Chauffeur's name and cell phone number. This information will be e-mailed to you for all cities you are working the next day.

Cutting Edge Communication: Utilizing Call Forwarding technology, one phone number connects you to your Executive Chauffeur for the duration of your travel with us. Whether one day/one city or multiple cities over several days, a single phone number will immediately connect to your current Executive Chauffeur no matter where you are!

Expedited Post-Trip Billing: We provide accurate billing in a timely manner to simplify your reconciliation and accounting process. Our bills and reports are customized to your specifications, providing you with the information you need, when you need it.

UnCommon Commitment: We are people moving people, and sometimes things happen. We are proud of the fact that out of every 1,000 rides we complete, there are less than five issues to report. And if we do encounter a problem, you’ll likely hear from us to resolve the matter before we hear from you - that's "The Commonwealth Way."

Roadshow Desk: 866.774.0610 (Worldwide: 1.617.779.1901) -

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